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2007 Music - This was the cover of the year-end issue of the New Times Broward-Palm Beach. That jamming eyeball is popping so far out of its head that you don't even see the head.

80's Dance Party - Nostalgic tableaux illustrated for the Miami New Times. I had a pair of turquoise & yellow super-high-top Chucks just like that.

Year-End Quiz Cover - The cover to the last Riverfront Times of 2008. I built the Scantron sheet myself then drew all over it. Don't try this at school, kids!

Year-End Quiz Spots - Several little paintings I did for the inside of the paper, based on weird happenings of 2008. More Info here!

Self-Portrait in Green Recliner - Big painting that was shown at the Congestive Art Failure show in downtown St. Louis. More info on my blog.

Self-Portrait in Flannel Shirt - Weird drawing made with white-out and a fluorescent-pink paint pen. 

Sugar Daddy & Sugar Baby - Drawn for an article about the Sugar Daddy scene in Miami. I chewed on lots of caramel for this job. Lots more juicy stuff here.

Eads, Grant, & IroncladsPainting done for the Famous Fictional Art Show, January 2007 at the Mad Art Gallery in St. Louis. Research & Sketches

Don't Dig in Against Bob Gibson - Painting of the great St. Louis Cardinal pitcher, done and auctioned off in February 2009. More here.

Beat Street - Painting inspired by one of my favorite movies, done for the Cinefamily movie theater calendar. More Here.

The Giving Tree - Painting done for the Famous Fictional Art Show, January 2008 at the Mad Art Gallery in St. Louis. Long Live Shel Silverstein!

Blast Off! - 2 cute paintings done for a cute little kid's room. More cute details here!

St. Louis Int'l Film Festival Poster - Inspired by old political prints I was looking at while working in Spain. That hand-lettering is all ripped off from Miro.

St. Louis Int'l Film Festival Badges - Additional pieces of collateral I generated in preparation for the Festival. See everything here.

Bowling End Days - It was a sad time when the Bowling Hall of Fame left St. Louis in the Fall of '08. We'll roll on without you. Drawn for the RFT.

Taste of St. Louis - Illustration of St. Louisans chomping on their favorite landmarks. Yum! Drawn for the RFT. More info here.

Grilled Cheese T-Shirt - made and sold on Woot for one day in 2008. 

Ballpark Franks T-shirt - made and sold to my softball team one summer in 2008. The names on the backs all read "FRANK".

Ignatius J. Reilly - Painting done for the Famous Fictional Art Show, January 2007 at the Mad Art Gallery in St. Louis. Research & Sketches.

Miss BuxleyPainting done for the Famous Fictional Art Show, January 2007 at the Mad Art Gallery in St. Louis. Research & Sketches

Star Clipper Tote Bag - St. Louis' best comic book store had me design these for 'em. More info here.

Paul & Meghan - Wedding card I painted for my pals the Carrs. I kept it classy (It was hard not having their eyeballs bulging out). They went to Hawaii on their honeymoon.

Real Men of Labor Day - Series of illustrations I did for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch about the unsung heroes of are Labor Day festivities. Some technical nitty-gritty here.

Labor Day Get Out cover - The cover I drew for the previously mentioned St. Louis Post-Dispatch special Labor Day section. I love corndogs.

The Hung Jury E.P. - Doing my best Pushead impersonation for pals in popular thrash-metal crossover band Cross Examination on this gatefold 7" cover. I also did the sweet geometric/geometallic logo.

Step on It! summer tour shirt - Piling my neighborhood hardcore pals into a monster tourvan. Printed in two colors - white and puke green - on black shirts.

Festivus - Poster I designed and illustrated for the annual Festivus celebration downtown. Yeah, like Seinfeld. Lots more details here.

First Night - Poster I designed and illustrated for the annual First Night celebration on Grand. It was a "Wizard of Oz" themed deal.

Dream Studio - Little painting I made describing my ideal workspace to a friend of mine. 

Soulard Mardi Gras Bingo - This one was a big hit. The Riverfront Times had me make hundreds of funny and lude little drawings to populate Mardi Gras Bingo cards. Here is lots more info, including several of the cards.

NBA Stars of the '82-83 Season - series of illustrations I made based on a stack of old NBA magazines my friend Anchovy found at a yardsale. 

Sandy's Amazing Animal Show - Commision I painted for Jeff (that janitor guy in the back) and his wife Sandy. They have lots of pets.

USA Travel Map - Big double broadsheet illustration I did for the Post. It features the most popular tourist attraction in each of the 50 states. I just counted - I've only been to twelve of 'em. 

The Future - Post illustration about what our houses and yards will look like in THE FUTURE.

April Fool's Day Pranks - series of illustrations I did for the Post about some good tricks to pull on your friends, family, or co-workers.

Improper Treadmill Techniques - Big Illo I did for the cover of the Post's Health & Fitness section about the most common mistakes made on a treadmill. This required some reasearch as i've never actually been on a treadmill.
BLACK 'N WHITE WORK! Most of these were done for the local alternative weekly the RFT:

Backhoe Rodeo - Missouri's most skilled large-machinery operators convene to strut their stuff and try not to crack an egg.

Ms. Missouri Healthcare Assc. - Lovely portrait of the lovely winner of an overlooked beauty pageant

St. Louis Scottish Festival - I forget the name of the sport where Scotsmen hurl gigantic logs, but this is a drawing of it.

Sexology - Illustration promoting a book collecting weird sex articles from weird 50's sex magazines

Illuminati! - Apparently Macy's began selling T-shirts emblazoned with the names of the World's most secret and powerful political cults on them.

Summer Guide - Alchemical chart illustrated with fun St. Louis summer activities, organized by the 4 elements.

TransSiberian Orchestra vs. Kenny G. - These two powerhouses were playing St. Louis on the same night. This is the tale of the tape.

Household Attacks! - All the ways your apartment can kill you. Be careful, Amy & Marley!

The Humanoids ... Are Born - Some cute li'l robot baby drawings I made for local punk band's debut EP. My pal Adam Bertels did all the typesetting and design. 2-color print job with METALLIC SILVER INK.

The Humanoids T-Shirt - The band's worldview is encapsulated in this one drawing. Whoops, I forgot the pizza. 

Granite City - A little illustration about St. Louis' neighbor to the north, a wonderful industrial town that's undergone some rough times.

Hipster Survival - Some tongue-in-cheek graphical tips for those moving into the lofts downtown on Washington Avenue.

Wilco Album Leaks - An underground view of how Wilco's album A GHOST IS BORN made it into the hands of fans long before its street release date.

Critical Darlin's - I had to learn way more about the band members of Belle & Sebastian than I ever wanted to for this illustration.

Arch Madness - This map and series of vignettes of "Unseen St. Louis" was made for visitors in town for the 2006 NCAA Final Four. Lots of awesome stuff (Listerine, Chuck Berry, the Exorcist, Ike & Tina, Phyllis Diller, 7-Up, etc.) comes from these parts.

Ghost Hunters - I knew I hit the jackpot when this illo request came in, as it combined two of my favorite things: ghosts and pee. More spooky / gross details on my blog here.

Pissed Jeans Flyer - This was a great show. A major work in terms of my personal symbology (my "Hot Rod & Hot Dog" period). More info, including a revelation on my working process and beer preference, here.

Schoolbus Chase - A news article about an angry Maplewood resident in hot pursuit of a bus that roared past his house everyday, and what he received (hint: that's not Gatorade!) for his troubles.

Tony LaRussa: Classic Rock Fan - A breaking news story revealed that St. Louis Cardinals' Head Coach Tony "The Genius" LaRussa attended several hard rock concerts in a short period of time. Hard-hitting news.

Tony LaRussa: So Taguchi Man Crush - Another breaking news story revealed that Tony LaRussa has a strange infatutuation with Japanese import / utility outfielder So Taguchi.

Extreme Survival - Helpful public service illustration suriviving in the 6 most dangerous wilderness environments around the world.

Wakarusa Survival - Helpful public service illustration for those attending the Wakarusa music and camping festival, detailing a varied drug regimen to consider.

The Casino Detour - A proposed tunnel to run underground from the Edward Jones Dome straight to the front door of the Pinnacle Casino complex. This way drunk white Ram's Fans won't get into trouble trying to cross highway 70 / the getto.

The Buick Detour - A proposed detour given to motorists by the Illinois dept. of transportation, advising them to actually take a detour across a river and through another state and back to avoid driving through terrifying East St. Louis.

SFY Fold-In - A page I did for local hardcore zine Speak for Yourself. 100% True. More info about my interest in Al Jaffee and Mad magazine-style Fold-Ins here.

Rotting Out - T-shirt I designed and drew for local hardore band Rotting Out (R.I.P.). I don't think they ever actually printed any.

Concerned Citizens of Soulard - Article about an anonymous letter sent to residents of St. Louis' historic French neighborhood, warning them of an impending infiltration by the city's rap element.

Pandora's Music Box - Article about a music-on-demand website. In the legend, Pandora unleased a plague and famine on the earth. Today: crunk and metal-core.
SKETCHBOOK sorta stuff:

Strollin' - 3 generations of Zettwochs (Me and my dad and my nephew Oscar) walking around the neighborhood. Fluorescent Orange Sidewalk Bump Skateboard Wreck Reminisce.

Angouleme Travelogue - Some Sharpie and White-Out drawings I did on cardboard while attending the Angouleme Comics Festival in France.

Madrid: Casa de Campo - Sketchbook drawing I made while sitting beside a lake in Spain. More info from that day here. I wanna go to haircut & BBQ parties in the park every weekende.

Madrid: Parque del Retiro - Sketchbook drawing I made during our first weekend in Spain. That was an old Spanish dude sunbathing in skimpy black underwear about 10' away from us.

Ozark Travelogue - Drawing / Collage I did after a fun weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks. I love Missouri.

Hairstyles of Spain - Quick Field Guide to haircuts seen on the streets and subways and soccer fields of Madrid.

Model Rocket Spec's - Schematic diagram of my custom rocket, the Redbird, I built for the Misslefits launch, summer 2006. More info and photos from the launch here.

Mystery Maplewood Cyclist / Model Maker - Some drawings I made one night describing an intriguing local character to my buddies. For more info and revelations see my blog post.

Hot Halloween Rod - My pal Kevin says I'm gonna get cancer or black (white?) lung or something from all the supposedly "toxic" white-out I use. Happy Halloween!

Halloween Costume Idea #357A - My dad really built this when I was a kid. More details here.

People I saw One Weekend - Quick suite of drawings I made following an eventful weekend. Two of them are now friends of mine, I won't say which two.

SuperCross Sketches - Drawings made inside a dome filled with dirt. 'NUFF SAID.

B-Ball Bigfoot - A drawing celebrating two of my favorite things. Three if you count the owl. Four if you count the tree.

The Hobo Economist - Drawing based on one of the hobo names from John Hodgmnn's great book, The Areas of My Expertise.

King Kong Battles - I saw that new King Kong movie and wanted to draw King Kong all the time. For about two days.

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