Zettwoch: How That Works!
These are illustrations, infographics & diagrams designed to engage, entertain, and educate.
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Adrenaline: Fight or Flight - Infographic done for Men's Health Magazine about how adrenaline works, from where it comes from to how it's activated and how it's eventually released. Read it!

Beer! - I did hundreds of component drawings, schematics, and technical renderings for recently updated Anheuser-Busch draught beer installation manuals. Here are a select few of them. See if they make you thirsty.

Happy Holidays 2008 - My Christmas card from last year, also a (simplified) infographic on how "clean coal" technology works, naughty AND nice. Inspired heavily by the wonderful work of Jim Flora. Read it!

Young Abe Lincoln's Log Fort - Comic I drew for Nickelodeon Magazine detailing an awesome hide-out underneath a Kentucky log cabin where a young Honest Abe prepared for a life of adventures.  Join him!

Anatomy of a Hot Tub - classic vector cutaway rendering of a jacuzzi done for local manufacturer Aspen Spas. Read more about my love cutaways hereSee it up close.

Business 2.0 - These are a selection of technology journalism graphics I did  while working at XPLANE the Visual Thinking Company and Business 2.0 magazine. HologramsData MiningSakeData SwitchesPerfect Book Machine.

XML Town - Infographic done for Wired Magazine's "InfoPorn" section. It's about the various hidden electronic connections that exist across a business and technology cityscape. Rendered intensely & isometrically. See my sketch here and the final here

The St. Louis Blues, a Team Built for the Playoffs - Vector illustration done for the St. Louis Post Dispatch sports page in which I turned the 'bluenote' logo into a precision-engineered hockey contraption. Check it out.

Green Homes - Side-by-side illustrations about the present and future of eco-friendly houses. Done for Red Herring magazine.

Digital Media Lifecycle - Also for Wired Magazine's "InfoPorn" section, this one is a metaphorical look at the birth of a baby chick (mp3 file) and how it lives it's caged life in the days of DRM. Check it out.

How Aluminum Gets Smelted - Infographic done for Bechtel about how aluminum is processed. Get a load o' that Electrolytic Cell Cross-Section. See my blueprint sketch here and the final graphic here

The International Space Station - Big fold-out illustration I did of the ISS for Time, Inc., with a focus on what technology companies were supplying parts. Full thing here.

Technology Investor - Selection of infographics written and drawn for a defunct magazine. They were in a neat cartoony 'wire' style. Read them.

Critical Apparatus - Tongue in cheek illustration describing how a local theater critic formulates his reviews. Works for other media too.

eSecurity - Illustration outlining all the various security threats that a modern computerized infrastructure faces. Bonus points if you find the li'l dude bouncing on the trampoline.

Redbird Rocket - Quick schematic doodle I did explaining how a model rocket I built and launched worked. Long live the Missilefits!

Basic Automotive Systems - Color-coded diagrams drawn for Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers. Drawn in Adobe Illustrator. See 'em. 

The Humongoussons - Comic I drew for Nickelodeon Magazine about a family that lives inside a monster truck and gets in everyday adventures. Printed in 3D!  Get to know them!


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