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"Urine of the Grays" - Four-page semi-historical comic strip about an experimental Confederate Submarine, first "published" by Vice Magazine. You can read the whole thing on their website, for the time being.

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"Roadside America c. 2009"* - I drew this after a weird drive from St. Louis to Louisville along Interstate 64. Ink and white-out on cardboard.

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"Storm of the Hillsmen" - Humongous two-page comic published in the monster-sized anthology KRAMERS ERGOT #7. This is a fully-painted 16" x 20" comic about football field goalposts and the people who wanna tear them down. Buy it from you local book shoppe or here or here.

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"Public Works"* - Several strips I drew for the Arthur Magazine comics section.

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"Gone Fishin'!"* - Lost comics of the Ohio River Valley, 862 through 1988 AD. Big one-pager printed on the back page of Comics Comics magazine #4.

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"3rd-Hand Office Funnies"* - Comic based on quotes overheard by a corporate friend at her place of work. I'm really proud of that slimy psychedelic baby.

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"Recovery of the Lost Trans-Atlantic Telegraph Cable, 1856" - Four-page comic strip published in Fantagraphics Books' BEASTS! Book II about the legendary Kraken. I combined two synchronicitous booms of the mid 19th century -- global ocean-floor wiring and giant squid sightings -- into this semi-non-fictional tale. More info, sketches, and research here. Buy the book here!

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AMAZING FACTS & BEYOND presents "Vice Presidential Debate Tactics"* - Leon went all-out when the VP Debate between Sarah Palin & Joe Biden came to town last fall. DID YOU KNOW??? 

Vice-Presidential Debate Tactics

AMAZING FACTS & BEYOND starring Leon Beyond - Weekly "Believe it or Not" comic strip done alongside my pals Kevin H and Ted May. For most of 2008 it appeared in the Riverfront Times. You can read it every week on the blog here. Don't ask what % of it is true, it hurts Leon's feelings. Here are some of my favorites so far:

The Perfect Shave Origins of the Thanksgiving Feast The Cloudplex History of Heavy Metal Logos High Spirits! Museum of Lightly Used Ab Equipment

"Won't Be Licked" - 30 page, 2-color story published in the fourth installment of Drawn & Quarterly's Showcase book (buy it here). It's a story loosely based on my granpa's experiences in Louisville's Great Flood of 1937, in which he cruised around on a homemade boat fashioned out of a refrigerator crate. The strip is being reprinted in this years BEST AMERICAN COMICS (2007) edited by Chris Ware and published by Houghton-Mifflin (available soon here).

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"Spirit Duplicator" - Five page comic done for Comic Art #9, the great magazine of comics history and criticism published annually by Buenaventura Press. My strips are interspersed throughout the magazine and deal with church bulletin comics done by my (fictional) uncle Darryl over the course of several decades. Lots of jokes for Episcopalians, slow-pitch softballers, Midwesterners, and fans of old mechanical printing devices.

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"Orange vs. Purple" - I drew this 6-page story for a tribute anthology to the wonderful artist and educator Ed Emberley. Ed's books (particularly the Big Orange and Big Purple drawing books) were big inspirations to me as a kid, and my strip is kind of about that. If the anthology ever gets published, I'll let you know. 

First 2 Pages

"Tool & Die!"* - Quick 'n dirty 2 pager drawn after a fella (who will remain nameless) told me a story about one of his early days working for the phone company. I love a good on-the-job comic, plus it gave me the chance to experiment with fluorescent colored pencils. The originals are much neater (i.e. more psychedelic) than the scans.

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"Cross-Fader" - Eight pager published in the esteemed avant-garde comics anthology KRAMERS ERGOT #6 (buy it here). It's about church and haunted houses and banana-smoothie drinking plant managers and optical illusions. There's a bit more info here on my blog about the science and inspiration (thanks Dad!) behind the strip.

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"Twain" - Strip published in the autobiographically-oriented zine anthology Not My Small Diary. It was in issue #13 - the "lucky / unlucky" edition. The story takes place during the 2004 National League Championship Series and its title refers to a big ugly Richard Serra sculpture in downtown St. Louis. A bit more info and a sweet picture of the '68 Cardinals here.

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"Schematic Comics"- Mini-comic compilation of all the autobiographical strips I've done. 48-page book includes classix like Northwestern Parkway and The Disappearing Man of Hill-Behan as well as new strips like The Legend of Obn Clay (revisited) and Harry Truman Comics - all wrapped in a two-color silkscreen cover printed on woodgrain contact paper. Stories all take place in Kentucky or Missouri. Out-of-print (for the time being).

Cover Harry Truman Comics Painting of my Grandpa


"Postal Peril" - I had a few pages in Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson's wonderful zine how-to book, Whatcha Mean What's a Zine? More Info here. One of my pages was a timeline of zine production over the course of 200 years, from wood engraving to the internet. My other contribution was a primer on using the postal service, including tips 'n tricks from years of sending paper booklets through the mail.

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"Street Angel TPB" - I drew a pin-up for the back of Jim Rugg & Brian Maruca's collection of rad Street Angel stories published by Slave Labor. Check out my drawing here.

"Neruda" I also drew a pin-up for the back of my pal Ted May's book Neruda. Sweet Country-Squire Hippie Statue Action. Check out my drawing here.

"Woodworkin'!" & "Grim Reminders" - I did a series of strips for Arthur magazine back in late '04 and early '05, issues #14 & #15 to be exact. Chances are I am the least hip dude to be ever be in that magazine (my strips were about woodworking and highway overpasses). 

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"Don't Trust Him" - 4 page back-up feature in issue #6 of Jeff Worm's sci-fi punk rock blockbuster SAP. My story is an educational story about the perils of the underground narcotic sweeping the streets of St. Louis and beyond. Order Sap #6 (and other great issues) here or at local record shoppes. 

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"The Ghost of Dragon Canoe" - 18 page, full-color story in the incredible Kramers Ergot #5 from Avodah Books and Gingko Press. My best strip yet - features caves, a schoolbus, grizzly roadkill, a Pantera T-shirt, and a whole lot of heart. The book was available for a while from Buenaventura Press, but I'm afraid it's out of print now. More info and sample pages here.

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"USS Catastrophe Election Treasury" - My buddies Ted May & Kevin Huizenga and I had an original art bake sale. We did custom drawings for people, sent the money to a charity of our choice, then collected all the drawings into a booklet. 

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"The Rubber Frame" - For some crazy reason they let me paint a giant comic strip on the wall of an art gallery. Read all about it here!

Original Art

"Deadlock"*- A comic I drew for a neat (now defunct) website called "Other People's Stories" based on some mind-boggling blog entries by my buddy and fellow cartoonist Jason Shiga. It's about dating and rudimentary game theory. I had to read a Cold War game theory book called "The Prisoner's Dilemma" to do Jason's dating humor justice. And it's in color!

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"Blue Hammer" - My friend Andy Terhune drew this four-page strip for the "lonely boy" anthology ONLY THE LONELY. I was Andy's technical expert when it came to proper usage of bowling jargon. You can buy it from editor Josh Frankel's site or from the Catastrophe Shop.

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"Selections from GAG HAG" - I drew four one-page gag panels for Onsmith's laff-fest anthology GAG HAG, which includes much funnier gags from other fellas. My gags feature a pair of old dudes in the future. Adults only! You can Buy it from Onsmith or from the Catastrophe Shop.

"Cottonmouth" * - Four page comic I drew for issue #6 of Kitchen Sink magazine, the "latency" issue. My story relates to the theme in a weird way and contains lots of awkard romantic dialogue and cross-hatching. Just like my real life.

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"VS."- Also known as Redbird #1.5. 26 page traditional mini-comic sized booklet that was completed in the days before the 2003 St. Louis Comic Art Show. It's about slot car racing mostly. It's outta print now, but maybe at some point will be able to be purchased for $1 from me or the USSCatastrophe Shop.

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"Little Sammy McSkinker"* - My buddies Ted May & Kevin Huizenga and I got asked by the RiverFront Times to do a color comics feature for the paper. We did a "comics through the ages" kind of thing centered around a 1904 World's Fair kid/caveman/hoosier dude.

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Bigger versions of my pages: Intro, Page 3, Page 6, Page 8

"Crucial Point"* - Four page strip about an incident between two hoboes beneath an underpass that may be based on a true story. Will soon see print in the Hi-Horse Omnibus to be published by Alternative Comics. Buy it here.

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"REDBIRD #1": 36 page, 5.5" x 7" mini-comic that contains three stories: "Still Life," "At Large," and "Glass, Steel, & Sweet Tea". Read a nice review here. And here's an interview I did shortyly after Redbird came out. It's out of print but I may make some more someday. Be on the lookout for more Redbirds in the future.

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"Glass, Steel, & Sweet Tea" - Short and sweetened four-page illustrated recipe comic complete with input from three generations of Zettwochs. It was printed in a zine anthology devoted to food, as well as in Redbird #1 and Schematic Comics. 

Sample Page #1 Notes
"IRONCLAD" - Big 26 page mini-comic about the historic Battle of Hampton Roads, in which rival armored warships the Monitor and Merrimac squared off. Beware: lots of blood, guts, battle-related sound effects, and creative Civil War-era facial hair appears in this comic book.

Sample Page #1 Sample Fold-out Page
"MidSouth Miracles" - Long lost eight page story about the powers of garlic, seen and unseen. It was published in the first issue of Sean Duncan's Food Comics anthology. If anybody out there has a copy of that zine, could you scan my strip and send it to me? I've lost all the scans and pages.

Sample Page #1 (all I have)

"IMPOSSIBLE vs. SpaceMen" parts I and II- Genre tale of a ragtag group of cartoonists fighting Martians at the State Fair. The first part can be read in the Impossible Anthology #2, and the mind-boggling conclusion installment in #3.

Sample Page #1 Recap #2

"Salvage Yard" - 4-page comic inspired by George Romero's Dawn of the Dead. Look for it cowering behind a bunch of much better comics in Jerome Gaynor's zombie antho Bogus Dead.

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"The Disappearing Man of Hill-Behan"* - sad story regarding a building. Dedicated to the city of St. Louis and all my pals who still live here. More info on my love for commerical character mascots here.

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"Northwestern Parkway" - 9 page comic about stray dogs, malted milkshakes, and the neighborhood where my parents grew up. That's my old man over to the left. Published in the EXPO 2001 anthology, and later reprinted in my Schematic Comics.

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"Halfway to Hell"* 8 page docu-dramatic comic talking about the construction of the Golden Gate bridge. A high point in my "circular inset / super-thick panel border" period. Originally published in the first IMPOSSIBLE comics compendium.

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"The Secret Society of 6 Mile Lane" * - nice story about gang warfare and growing up. Printed up nice like and put out as one half of a flipbook with my old pal Chris Vanderhoof.

Read it!The Bad Birds circa 1985

"Collectin'!" - 42 page miniature comic book about an old coot who lives near an abandoned drive-in movie theater. First edition of 250 printed with fancy-pants silkscreened cover and vellum inserts. Additional printings had different covers and no vellum. Out of print.

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"5:30 am"*Fold-out poster-comic rendered lovingly in Bezier curves, with a story based loosely on a morning of donuts and bowling I had once. I don't, however, have a robotic hand.

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"The Angel & Escapist" - Unpublishable 32 page comic made of acrylic paintings and linoleum cuts, telling the story of the '62 championship fight between Floyd Patterson and Sonny Liston. Based mostly on David Remnick's great Ali book King of the World.  

A Bunch of the Pages

1984 - 1986 - Louisville, KY USA
"SpaceKnights of Tiskor" and "Secret Society of Robot Forces" - assorted materials related to two teams of superbeings, including ninjas, aquatic robots, and shadowy villains that take on attributes of natural disasters. Drawn 1984 - 1986 while laying on the floor at my Dad's office down at AT&T.

The Battle Begins Origin of the S.S.R.F.  Character Dossiers

"Ron" - sporadically produced gag strip featuring a rambunctious youngster and a clever logo. Still searching for a syndicate.

Ron at Home


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